Complete Sentences

Improve your Dutch grammer with this very special application. There are thousands of sentences which is designed for Dutch learning.

Words to Sentence

Make sentences from words. You can find meanings in English when you move your mouse over the words.

Vocabulary Test

Test and improve your Dutch <--> English vacabulary with this unique application.


Famous scrabble puzzle, but designed using more than 400.000 words.


Every time you will deal a new puzzle. You will improve your language skills. Tips are in English and answer are in Dutch.

Word Search

We bring Sunday Word-Search puzzle entartainment to your screen. Every time you will get new words and new design.


Save your man from hanging, but you will see that it is not easy with long Dutch words.

Memory Cards

Are you proud of your memory. Memorize random Dutch words while you are having fun.

SOURCES in DutchBox.net

More than 400.000 Dutch words More than 40.000 Dutch Synonyms & Antonyms Thousands of Dutch sentences.
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